No additional January 2021 DAFT Course

Unfortunately we will not be able to schedule an additional DAFT course for January 2021.

We hope to be able to support local Peninsula deanery trainees in their preparation in a more flexible manner – perhaps evening masterclasses and vivas using DAFT materials arranged ad-hoc for a nominal fee.

Published November 2020

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January 2021 Course?

In response to the additional Final SOE examination dates in February 2021, we are looking into the possibility of an additional DAFT Course in January 2021.

For now our efforts are focussed on ensuring our first fully remote course in November 2020 is a success. So please bear with us while we work on this behind the scenes.

There are a number of date constraints around the scheduling of this course – half term, other regional courses (with same faculty), February trainee rotations – so while earlier than usual for DAFT late January seems a likely approximate timing.

It seems highly likely that a January 2021 course would also be fully remote and if faculty availability is limited may be a 1-day (rather than 2) course. Course fees would be adjusted accordingly.

Keep an eye out for further updates on this.

Published October 2020


November 2020 Course update

The DAFT Faculty have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we can run a November course having unfortunately had to cancel the June iteration.

The constantly evolving guidance and current trajectory of COVID-19 means we have decided to make the course fully remote. This isn’t a decision we have taken lightly but has been made for a number of reasons:

  *   It will give us more control and certainty over the running of the course. Attempting to run a ‘physical’ course leaves us far too  vulnerable to short notice cancellation.

  *   We have a social responsibility to do what we can to limit the spread of COVID and work from home ‘where we can’

  *   The exam will be in this format and it makes sense to familiarise oneself with this novel method of examination

More information will be provided to candidates and examiners directly in due course.

In the meanwhile keep safe everyone and look forward to seeing you (virtually) in November.

Published September 2020


RCOA Examinations and COVID-19

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic and postponement of the RCOA June Final SOE we unfortunately had to cancel the scheduled June DAFT course.

More information is becoming available about the timing and likely format of future iterations of the exam; please see the RCoA website for the latest updates.

We are working hard to ensure DAFT returns in time for the next scheduled examinations in December 2020. The details of how this course will run will depend upon government guidance at the time and any relevant information from the RCOA. Thank you in advance for your patience in awaiting further information and our apologies in advance for any changes we have to make along the way.

Meanwhile, we are inviting applications for places on our course scheduled to run November 24-25th 2020. Further updates as and when they are available will be emailed to candidates and posted here.

Published June 2020


RCOA Examinations and COVID-19

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic the June 2020 has been postponed until further notice.

When the Royal College of Anaesthetists announce the next sitting of the SOE exam, we will update you with details of the next DAFT course.

The two likely scenarios seem to be:

  • June 2020 Final SOE cancelled – next exam sitting December 2020. In this case, we will run our course as previously scheduled on 24/25th November 2020. This is likely to be over-subscribed and we will endeavour to accept as many candidates as possible.
  • June 2020 Final SOE postponed and rescheduled prior to December 2020. In this case, we will attempt to book a venue and recruit sufficient examiners while maintaining our high standards and faculty ratios. More information to follow should this scenario occur.

Published March 2020