Welcome to the November 2021 course page!

23-24th November 2021

Following the success of 2 fully remote DAFT courses and the RCoA likely committing to remote examinations for the foreseeable, there will almost certainly be a remote element to the 2021 course. It is not possible to say as yet whether this will be fully remote for both days or hybrid remote : face-to-face. We will assess the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic around August and aim to decide this early. Needless to say, we very much hope that we can return to our venue, the lovely Buckfast Abbey in Devon, soon!

We continue to adapt the course to best suit the new remote era, with opportunities to speak to an examiner and previous candidates about the remote experience.

The platforms we use to run the course remotely are both Zoom and MS Teams in parallel. Zoom will be used for the course content delivery and exams, MS Teams as a media repository and administrative/help centre.

An application download is mandatory for Zoom and MS Teams is probably best run through its app also (though not mandatory). We would strongly recommend using a desktop/laptop computer rather than a tablet to ensure sufficient processor speed for a smooth videoconferencing experience. N.B. to add you to our MS Team an nhs.net email is required. Follow this link to learn more about getting one.



Along the same lines, please consider where you’ll ‘virtually’ attend DAFT to minimise disturbances and have sufficient bandwidth for seamless video calls. The former consideration is critical for the exam day as current information from the college suggests that interruptions will be reviewed in the same category as ‘cheating’.

Our timetable written bespoke for each course and is usually shared with candidates 2 weeks before the course date. Typically the days run between around 08.30hrs and 17.00hrs.

We plan to offer a tech support and testing evening in the week prior to the Course – prospective candidates will be contacted about this prior to the course.

For your information, the RCoA website has started to post some crucial updates regarding the IT considerations for the virtual exam. Please check thoroughly, but here is their most recent one: https://www.rcoa.ac.uk/node/10991

Updates to follow!